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Our team of endodontists integrated by Dr. Maria Rojas and Dr. Manuel Castillo are doing an excellent job in treating canals to remove dental pain caused by acute infections, traumatisms or by deep caries and to be able to conserve dental structures.

Endodontics is a treatment that consists of extracting the pulp from the tooth, a small strand-shaped tissue found in the center of the tooth duct.

Once the dead pulp becomes diseased or damaged, it is extracted; The remaining space is cleaned, reshaped and filled.

This procedure seals the root canal. Years ago, the teeth with damaged or diseased pulps were extracted.

Nowadays, the conduit treatment saves teeth that would otherwise have been lost.

Why choose Dental Cibao Spa:
  • Lifetime guarantee in our dental implants treatments
  • Certified specialist leaders in their areas of expertise
  • Highly trained staff with a proven track record
  • A personalized approach to dentistry with affordable cost
  • Patient-centric philosophy

Pacientes felices con sus resultados:

Patients Testimonials

Debbie Mcdowel, USA

“Dr. Lizther, many thanks for your attention, understanding and flexibility”

Juan La Mur, Rep.Dom.

“In there is a place in Dominican Republic for taking care tu teeth like Dental Cibao Spa”

Joanna J., Rep.Dom

“Fabulous and clinical human experencia a high quality, thanks for your great deal”

Aracena, Rep.Dom

“I felt a lot of head pain and discomfort after dental Cibao reach my pain disappeared and I slept like a queen.”

Carlos Zapico, Rep.Dom

“Keep a one-year treatment and I am completely satisfied, contented and happy with the end result they recommend.”

Sra Monica, Rep.Dom

“My experience has been extraordinary doctor has an incredible ability and I am very happy with the work done, the technology used surprised me.”

Pacientes felices con sus resultados:

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