The Dominican Republic’s
Premier Dental Clinic

The Dominican Republic’s Premier Dental Clinic

Start enjoying your best smile! Visit now our dental spa for a relaxing experience while we take care of your dental health.
We created this unique space to give you the quality of service you truly deserve. No matter how complex is your case, we can help you. Tell us about your case and let’s begin:

Dental Cibao is the only dental clinic recommended as a destination for Medical Tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Dental implants

Dental implants

Smile again with confidence and feel the sensation of a healthy chewing, thanks to our expertise in dental implants with the most advanced techniques and the highest quality materials. That’s the reason why we receive so many international patients to get their dental implants here. View more

Patients’ experiences

Patients experiences

Thousands of smiles and lives changed! Our patients (local and international) share with you their experiences at our clinic where they found, at last, the definitive solution to their most pressing dental care problems. Click here to see their stories. View more

Tell us about your case

Tell us about your case

A beautiful smile is more affordable than you think. Just tell us about your case and what you want to improve about your smile and we’ll send you an estimate so you can make your decision. Your dental care can’t be postponed any longer, the time to start is now. View more

World-Class Quality

World-Class Quality

If the quality is outstanding, then the market expands and breaks boundaries. Dental Cibao Spa get international patients from anywhere, not only by the reach of our website www.dentalcibao.com, but basically by the recommendations of satisfied patients who understand the importance of investing in quality dentistry and a chance to vacation in this beautiful land. This not only raises the bar for quality dental care, but also has helped to boost health tourism in the north of our country. The testimonials speak for themselves.


Romain Michaud, canada

“I tried to find a good dentist in the Dominican Republic and finally found the place! They are so good and perfect, and the staff is great and they did a good job for me. My smile can talk about it!”

María José, Santo Domingo

“I travel from Santo Domingo because here I find a high-quality service with a lifetime guarantee. I’m extremely satisfied and would recommend without hesitation”

Debbie Mcdowel, usa

“Dr. Lizther, many thanks for your attention, understanding and flexibility”

Juan La Mur, Rep.Dom.

“In there is a place in Dominican Republic for taking care tu teeth like Dental Cibao Spa”

Aracena, Rep. Dom.

“I felt a lot of head pain and discomfort after dental Cibao reach my pain disappeared and I slept like a queen.”

Joanna J., Rep. Dom.

“Fabulous and clinical human experency a high quality, thanks for your great deal”

Persio Pérez, Rep. Dom.

“Fabulous and clinical human experencia a high quality, thanks for your great deal.”
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Come smile with us:

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