Prevention and Maintenance

Receive the most effective deep cleaning in your mouth. High Tech applied to dental prophylaxis. The main difference at DENTAL CIBAO Spa is that you will receive a DENTOGINGIVAL cleaning made by qualifyed Periodontists, not madeby hygienists , like other dental clinics do. You will see the difference…

General Dentistry

Caries removal in fillings of highly aesthetic composite or ceramic materials of high strength and durability. See Cases

Cosmetic Dentistry

Professional dental whitening trough the ZOOM. sistem. In just 1 hour your teeth will be up to 8 shades whiter. See Cases


The Director-General at DENTAL CIBAO SPA, Dra. Lizther Jaime, will personally take care of the patient’s health and promote among our dentist a comprenhensive diagnostic of the teeth and surroundings tissues, thats why we offer: Cosmetic Gum Surgery (to correct aesthetic defects) tratment for gum infectiones such as bleeding, treatment of mobile teeth, gums and bone regeneration. See Cases

Dental Radiology

RVG digital radiography service and instant digital panoramic views with minimal radiation exposure, available in our clinics. See Cases

Oral Surgery

As our patients recommends, every process gets easier In the hands of Dr. Enrique Rojas, and you spent less time recovering, going from the extraction of thirdmolars(Wisdom Teeth) , to impacted teeth,and biopsies. See Cases

Guided Surgery

Today this is the most advanced and modern implantology technique. Combines the highest radiology, computed and surgical technology, resulting in a minimally invasive procedure, that is reliable, accurate and secure. Maximum precision with no scars. See Cases

Esthetic Dentistry

The Job done by our esthetic specialist, the Dr. , is consider as a piece of art by our patients, and we agree. Direct resin restorations (veeners), and indirect as metal crowns and luminers. See Cases

Dental Implants

The latest technology to replace missing teeth with high-quality implants approved by FDA , placed by Dr. Enrique Rojas, choosen as “Dental Implants International Speaker for Latin America” See Cases


The most popular treatment to correct dental tooth malposition and dramatically improve the appearance of people, and the function of the jaw, through the placement of fixed and removable sections, esthetic braces, transparent braces, and mini braces. We also offer INVIISALING, invisible orthodontics. See Cases

Oral Rehabilitation

All types of bridges to replacemissing teeth . Porcelain crowns and veneers to restore teeth andimprove aesthetics. See Cases


Our team of Endodontists made by la Dra. María Rojas and Dr. Manuel Castillo make an excellent job in root canals to remove dental pain caused by acute infections, trauma or deep cavities and preserve dental structures. See Cases

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