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The Dental Spa Spa or best known as odontospa, combines the professional facilities of a dental clinic with the marvelous well designed spaces that brings a positive environment full of natural elements like water and light wich stimulates the senses and produces relaxation and cofidence to the patient. Using resources like aromatherapy and chrome therapy will create a totally different ambient that is far away from the usual. In this way the ansiety and fear its reduced,and also the pain that is always associated with dental treatment. All this is made to reach the goal of having relaxed environmet before the treatment. A Unique concept in the Dominican Republic that you have to prove by yourself. With all this concepts in mind, dont you think it’s time to make your appoinment?

Dental Cibao | Your Dental Spa

We are a chain of dental clinics, wich origin is the result of three generations of prestigious doctors dedicated to the comunity. We are located at the north zone of the Dominican Republic, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, we also have dental clinics in Moca, La Vega and San Francisco de Macoris.

Our mission is to bring you the best dental service available in the country, trhough modern and specialized dentistry concepts, good prices and the best personal treatment. We offer you all kind of dentistry services.

Our values as a dental clinic are; the professional excellence, the efficient use of resources , and the highest quality of care and personal treatment. Our patients are our friends.

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